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Avoid your cat from bothering you at the wrong moment with Cat Alone. With this application you'll have six games for cats so you can keep them happy

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Whoever has a cat knows that he always wants attention at the wrong moment. It doesn't matter if your saving the world because a cat seeks his attention and he wants it at that precise moment. Therefore, anyone who suffers this problem on a daily basis needs a few tricks up his sleeve, and in this case will find the Android app Cat Alone very useful.

Our phone will become a toy for cats.

Six games for your cat to leave you in peace and quiet

Cat Alone comes along with six games for cats. You only have to start the app and leave your phone near your cat (better somewhere your device can't fall) so that the latter pays all his attention to the games, and the rest of mankind can continue with its ordinary life. All the game are about one of the most important things for cats other than sleeping, hunting:

  • Catch a laser pointer.
  • Catch a ladybird.
  • Catch a finger.
  • Catch a fly.
  • Catch a butterfly.
  • Catch a horrible dirty cockroach.

Now anyone who feels harassed by his own cats knows what to do: download Cat Alone.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
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