Catapult King Android
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Enjoy the pure and exquisite destruction in Catapult King, a fun 3D catapult application game for Android where we will have to destroy medieval castles


Tear down castles and buildings with your catapult

December 4, 2023
7 / 10

A princess has been kidnapped by a dragon and its evil henchmen. Only we, armed with a catapult, can put an end to the kingdom of terror of the dragon and rescue the princess in this casual game developed by the studio Wicked Witch.

Launch stones!

Catapult King is a funny 3D casual game of catapults where we will have to destroy constructions to rescue an innocent princess. Our mission will be to demolish all kinds of castles, walls, turrets, and tons of medieval buildings. How? Well, by launching stones.

Destroy forts, castles, and even a fire-breathing dragon.

Although it has elements in common with the mythical Angry Birds, this catapult game manages to differentiate itself thanks to some peculiar characteristics. To begin with, we will see the catapult from a first-person perspective. Also, we will be able to observe the game in three dimensions, and the whole game is full of humor that brings a fun touch.

On the other hand, throughout the game, we will be unlocking different projectiles with special powers. We will start by launching simple stones, but it will not take long before we start launching fireballs and real gales.

Also, as we progress through over 60 levels, we will be earning money, that we will be able to invest in improving our catapult and acquiring magic to launch these especially destructive balls (and with funny effects). In general, it is a funny game, with great characters and lots of humor. Also, on a technical level, it is pretty solid. It is certainly worth downloading the APK file.

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