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CatEye is a tool that expands the functions of iChat and PhotoBooth. Download CatEye on your Mac and add various entertaining effects to your conferences

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CatEye is a collection of effects, that can be used in iChat (the instant messenger and video conference application included in the Mac OS X) and PhotoBooth (the Apple webcam photograph application).

  The new effects that it adds are very original and different to those that iSight includes per default. Now we will have the possibility to convert our images into a Space Invaders alien, feign that we are broadcasting our signal by means of an 80s broadcasting channel or make our image hell like by means of an original filter.

  Another of the effects that includes allows us to provide a vintage touch to all the things captures in our webcam, because we can provide it with the aspect of a photograph captured with a Polaroid, give it an Andy Warhol touch or filter it so that it looks like an old computer screen.

  It is possible to install each one of the effects packs (Retropixels, Love For 80, Bent Pels, BoobToob and FewTile) separately.

  Enjoy new effects to use together with iSight, thanks to CatEye.
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