Cathy is a tool that will allow you to have all your multimedia material organized and cataloged. Download Cathy for free and start organising your files

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Cathy is a useful tool that will allow you to catalog multimedia files that you have stored on your system, to be able to have them located afterward and to be able to perform effective searches. You will probably have audio, video and photo files stored on your hard drive, and when you need to find a specific file, it will take you a certain amount of time. Cathy can help you to organize all the material so that you can find it easily.

Keep all your multimedia material well organized and available whenever you need it

In the first place, you will have to create the catalog where you will save your files: select the folder that contains them, and if you want, add a tag or comment. If you put in a CD, Cathy automatically includes all the files' data. Once you have all the files organized, the searches will be quick and simple.

Cathy allows you to search by name, size or date, allowing you to ignore the temporary files. You will be able to export the entire structure of the folder to a TXT file or easily locate the duplicated files.

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