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Catlooking Writer offers the possibility to write in peace and quiet. Download Catlooking Writer, concentrate on what you're writing and avoid distractions

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Catlooking Writer offers you a tool to write avoiding any distraction that may bother you when it comes to writing on your computer. Normal text editors have a large amount of icons, elements and options that sometimes may distract the writer from the main objective: to concentrate on what's being written. Catlooking Writer will help you to focus your attention on what you write.

  If you find it difficult to concentrate, and you have to do so to write, you can try out this text editor. Catlooking Writer will occupy all the computer's screen, where you'll only be able to see an area in which to write, a button to save, two options to change the font, and three font sizes. With these elements you'll have enough to write and concentrate on what's more important: the contents.

  Catlooking Writer also allows you to change the background, with various options: a paper texture, two pale backgrounds and a black background with green letters. Furthermore, Catlooking Writer is free and you'll be able to use it whenever you want.
Catlooking Writer
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