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If you are a fan of puzzles and cats, you can't miss CATRIS, a colorful game for mobile devices in which your goal is to merge cats' numeric blocks

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Everything gets better when you add a cat into the mix. What if you throw in a bunch of them? The guys at the AppCraft studio offer players an original and funny puzzle game where you must merge blocks in the shape of cats.

It may sound a tad weird, but... have you ever tried to build a tower of cats?

Puzzles, cats, numbers, and hours of fun

CATRIS is an interesting puzzle game that mixes several genres. What is distinctive about it is that the blocks are shaped like kittens and a number from one to ten.

To play, you must combine blocks that have the same number. Every time you put together two blocks with the equal number value, they will merge into a new one with the immediately superior number. The higher the number of our cats, the more points you get.

The difficulty lies in the fact that you only have four columns to stack the blocks. Once the cat towers reach the top of the screen and there are no gaps, the game will end, and you will have to start again.

Merge the cats following a specific order, getting rid of identical numbers, and create a formidable tower of cats.

The starting point is straightforward, so it is suitable for all ages. Besides, you will have power-ups, special blocks, and buttons to undo movements and help you in the most complicated moves. And all this with a lovely 2D design, a beautiful soundtrack, and many cats. What are you waiting to download the APK file?

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
AppCraft LLC
This year
This year
23.8 MB

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