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Celestia is an astronomy application with will allow you to move freely around the Universe. Investigate and study the stars and planets thanks to Celestia

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If you have always been interesting in space and you want to discover something more about the Universe you shouldn't miss the chance to download Celestia free for Linux, a program that will allow you to move with total freedom in space.

Browse space as if you had a spaceship

Once you open the Celestia interface you will be able to see planet Earth as if you were on board a spaceship, and by means of simple mouse movements you will be able to move around space, including the possibility to jump directly to any heavenly body that you know the name of thanks to it locator engine.


  • More than 100,000 stars distributed into their corresponding galaxies.
  • All known planets.
  • Identification by name of the heavenly bodies, incluyding comets and asteroids.
  • Detailed information about many of the heavenly bodiess.
  • View the movement in the sky, with the possibility to accelerate speed to view how the different planets move.

To make Celestia even better, includes the possibility to expand its contents by means of add-ons (expansions) of all kinds, something that converts the applicaiton into one of the most complete of its type.

After you download Celestia free you will be able to fly around the Universe.

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