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Cell to Singularity is an excellent clicker application where we will actively participate in the evolution of life and planets by touching the screen

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Have you ever dreamt that you are a god? Well, that is kind of what the ComputerLunch studio offers us in this idle clicker about evolution. We will only have to tap on the screen to generate entropy and make the world evolve beyond modern times.

Make the Solar System evolve

This is a great and original resource management game based on science. Over 4.5 billion years ago, there was no life in the Solar System. At Cell to Singularity, we will be the primordial broth that will create life.

To do so, we only have to tap on the screen. With each tap, we will generate entropy, the game currency, and the key that will let us discover the next chapter in the evolution of life.

When we have enough entropy, we will have to invest it in research and in life itself, gradually unlocking the future of evolution. In this way, we will discover the planet Earth, the moon, volcanoes, DNA, and animals while also creating cells and life.

Discover the extraordinary history of evolution in this cosmic clicker game.

We will have to manage all this from the technological tree of life, where we will be discovering new elements and raising the level of those we already have. Again, we will need entropy to do so.

The technical section, both on a visual and audio level, is truly outstanding. And it also lets us play in vertical or horizontal format, adapting to our style of play. It is certainly worth downloading the APK file of this extraordinary science fiction game to experience a space odyssey, natural history, and the evolution of life first hand.

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Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
6 months ago
137 MB

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