4.0 Download Cerberus for free and increase the security of your home or business with a video surveillance system with webcams. Detect anomalies with Cerberus
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Whoever has studied Greek mythology has heard about Cerberus or Kerberos, a dog with 3 heads that protected the entrance to the underworld through the gates of Hades. Now you can also protect your home or business with your particular guard thanks to this tool with the same name.

Video surveillance for all budgets

Cerberus is a security and surveillance program that allows you to manage several webcams connected to the same computer. Today's computers allow you to use the same camera to make video calls and to protect your property.

Features of Cerberus

  • Control and configure up to 10 webcams separately to protect your space.
  • Establish at what time the cameras will be switched on and off.
  • Receive notifications by email.
  • Take captures when anomalies are detected.
  • Allows you to configure the movement detector's scanning rate.
  • Export the functioning history in XML format.

Something's moving out there...

The key of Cerberus lies in its movement detection algorithm. The different cameras installed analyze the signal received jointly and activate the real-time viewing and recording of everything that happens.

Create a video surveillance system with your PC and a few webcams by downloading Cerberus for free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This application requires that you have at least one webcam installed.
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