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Chain Cube is a 3D app version of the addictive 2048 game where we will have to merge cubes of identical numbering until we reach the figure of 2048

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A few years ago, a puzzle game appeared, achieving great success and causing an infinite number of clones to appear. It was 2048, that consisted of merging boxes marked with numbers that were multiples of 2, as long as they were identical in number until we managed to add the number 2048. Well, inspired by it, we have Chain Cube.

The 3D version of 2048

This is a puzzle where, on one hand, we will have to merge blocks of identical numbering to get double the number they mark. Just like in 2048. The only difference with this app lies in its format, where we will deal with 3D aspects and flexible physics laws: the blocks fall, blow up, and merge, sometimes even by accident. A fun new way to play 2048.

These are the main features you will find in this new version of the game:

  • Prepare your block and aim accurately.
  • Touch the screen to shoot.
  • Do not stop in 2048: keep adding points and beat your own record.
  • Stack blocks.
  • Do not let the task pile up until it reaches the dotted line.
Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
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This year
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