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Charades offers us the typical application board game to cheer up any social gathering, where we will have to guess the word we have on our forehead

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The developers at FatChicken Studios know that that there is nothing better to liven up a party than a good board game. That is why they offer us this fun app to challenge our friends to guess words. And, also, we can adapt the games with our own rules. Intrigued? Well, keep reading...

The scandalously fun and exciting multi-activity game for you and your friends!

You choose how to play

Charades offers a fun challenge to play in the company of our friends. The mechanics of the game consist of putting our Android on our forehead, so we cannot see the word. The rest of the players will have to give us clues for us to guess.

They may describe the word (avoiding certain terms), dance, act, sing or mime. In this way, the games are adapted to the rules we choose to describe the words. We can also choose the time we have for each round: 60, 90 or 120 seconds.

With over 45 themed decks to choose from.

What topic do you choose?

Before we play, we will have to choose a topic. There are over 45 decks of cards to choose from with over 400 cards. These cards include, among others, these topics:

  • Accents and imitations.
  • Movies
  • TV series.
  • Animal kingdom.
  • Music.
  • The '80s.
  • Sports legends.
  • Celebrities.
  • Fairy tales.
  • Literature.
  • Science.
  • Facial expressions.
  • Marks.
  • Broadway musicals.
  • And more.
Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
FatChicken Studios
6 months ago
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