Download Charles to be able to monitor all the HTTP traffic of a network by registering petitions and answers. Charles is an ideal proxy for developers

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Charles is a proxy and HTTP monitor aimed at developers that makes it possible to monitor absolutely all the traffic that is generated between a computer and the Internet, including among others petitions, answers and HTTP headings, and even including the cookies and cache information.

Register and show all the data that is sent and received.

Charles Web Debugging Proxy allows your computer to connect to the Internet via a proxy to check what's happening between the browser and the server, perfect to detect errors and bugs in a project. Use Charles to optimize your tasks and be able to easily detect where the errors are to solve them later.


  • View SSL requests and responses as plain text.
  • Limit the bandwidth artificially to simulate slow Internet connections, including lag.
  • AJAX debugging – including the possibility to view XML and JSON requests and responses as text or tree.
  • View the contents of 'Flash Remoting' and 'Flex Remoting' messages.
  • Repeat requests and test new back-end changes.
  • Edit requests to test different entries.
  • Validate recorded HTML, CSS and RSS responses using the W3C validation tool.
  • Export the information in CVS files to analyze it in detail.
  • Create blacklists with sites that will have their petitions blocked.

Control all your data traffic

When you develop a web application a traffic control tool is essential. Because it's only by using tools like Charles that you'll be able to view the data traffic in detail: contents of LoadVariables and LoadMovie volumes, XML uploads, JavaScript files, CSS, etc.

Convinced? Start downloading Charles proxy and easily find out what is going on between your server and your PC.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial period lasts for 30 days.
  • This download requires Java 1.4 or above.
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