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Need some help to study chemistry? Chemical Substances offers you all the ingredients and chemical formulas necessary to simplify the learning process

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These things happen. You thought you were getting on well in a certain subject but you end up failing your chemistry exam. So many acids, bases, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry... Everything is chemistry and that makes it even more difficult... If you're one of those students that leave everything for the last moment and you just can't cope with chemistry, learn whilst playing Chemical Substances.

Study chemistry, even at the swimming pool.

The truth is that the app looks rather old, its experience and use is quite old-fashioned and many of its options seem to redirect you to the App Store to download similar apps. But one thing for sure, it will help you to learn all the secrets of the periodic table: halogens, chalcogens, metal-organic compounds, and how to combine them in formulas.

Formulation will no longer be a dangerous issue for your final marks.

How does it work?

Once you download Chemical Substances from iTunes, you'll see that there are 9 icons that will allow you, amongst other things, to check by means of games your traditional formulation level through questionnaires in which you'll be asked to formulate. If you get it right, you'll move onto the next stage so you'll learn even without realizing.

It's not a very innovating or interactive app but it's very interesting to practice just in case you've got to take a chemistry exam sometime soon. And if you want to deepen into inorganic acids, chemical elements or functional groups, within the app you'll find links to download applications by the same developers aimed at specific matters.

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