CherryTomato is a very light tool that implements the Pomodoro technique on your computer. Control your working time once you download CherryTomato

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The production maximization technique for work or studying known as Pomodoro consists on establishing 25 minute periods of maximum concentration after which you have to take a small five minute break. To implement this on your computer you can use CherryTomato.

Maximize your effort.

This small application take up a place in the system tray and is accessible by means of the contextual menu. All you will have to do is right click on CherryTomato to be able to start a concentration period or access the options.

What does it offer?

As well as controlling the time periods in which you have to concentrate on your work, CherryTomato also offers the possibility to show reports about how productive each of the sessions has been.

Moreover, CherryTomato can be configured to show messages in both Live Messenger and Skype specifying that you are using the Pomodoro technique and can't be disturbed as well as the amount of minutes left till your next rest.

You will also be able to specify the notifications and alarms that the program will use to indicate the rest periods and when to concentrate.

If you want to use the Pomodoro technique to maximize your concentration when you are studying or working, download CherryTomato free.

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