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Control your computer remotely once you download Chicken of the VNC free on your Mac. Chicken of the VNC is a VNC client for Mac computers that is very good

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Chicken of the VNC is a program developed to control a computer remotely in the easiest possible way. The program has been developed by the same team that developed VNCViewer, but in this case it has been totally rewritten in Cocoa so that the integration with Mac OS X is perfect.

  This client stands out due to its answering speed and the options that it offers to the users in what regards to visualization and performance, because it offers you the possibility view the desktop in window mode or full screen mode, something ideal if you have to offer remote assistance.

  The interface to configure the program is very simple if compared to other programs of the same category, because by inputting the date in three fields you will be ready to start.

  If you're looking for a VNC client that can control Mac Classic, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux without any problem, download and install Chicken of the VNC.
Helmut Maierhofer
Over a year ago
3 months ago
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