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Chimeraland is a grandiose open-world role-playing game inspired by Eastern mythology featuring a large dose of mysticism and an ambitious approach

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We tend to think of mobile games as second-class, the truth is there are magnificent titles that offer incredible experiences. This title by Level Infinite is a great example and offers an epic adventure that will leave no one indifferent.

A fantasy universe without limits

Chimeraland is an excellent and beautiful MMORPG with neat 3D graphics that takes place in an open world populated by all kinds of creatures. It is a wide sandbox that provides a lot of freedom to explore, build, fight, and accept quests.

One of the most impressive details right from the start is the character creation section. Before you start to play, you can create a character with a high level of detail. To begin, you can go to the circle to customise your hero and choose whether you want it to be more human or an anthropomorphic animal. And then you can refine every appearance feature.

Finally, all that remains is to choose the region of the world where you want to be "born," although you are free to move around this circular universe as you please, on foot or on a mount. From there, you can enjoy the experience however you wish. Among other things, you can fight, face other players in PvP fights, fish, cook, farm, build weapons... The mechanics are tremendously varied.

A spherical open world with a seamless map for players to explore and build freely.

In short, downloading the APK file of this role-playing game offers an extraordinary and grandiose adventure. In fact, it's so great that you will need a few gigabytes of free space and a powerful device capable of displaying this beautifully crafted fantasy world without lag issues.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Level Infinite
Last week
3 GB

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