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PVR 6.70 Tune into multiple TV channels with high quality once you download ChrisTV Professional. Your tuning card and ChrisTV Professional are all you need
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Nowadays television is being displaced by the computer as an entertainment and daily pastime platform, nevertheless, on many occasions joining both of them in one can be beneficial. That's why a TV tuner card and ChrisTV Professional can be a perfect combo.

Tune into your TV from your PC.

Functionalities included in ChrisTV Professional

ChrisTV PVR Professional is a program that will help us to tune into all the TV channels, view them and save them, as well as allowing us to access the program list. Thus, we can make sure that it will let us know when a program starts or it can even record it for us automatically.

It incorporates the TimeShift function, that will allow us to view a program that has already started while it's still being recorded, and furthermore, with this Professional version we'll be able to broadcast the video over our local area network (LAN) or the Internet to other computers.

Furthermore, if we have several tuner cards, we'll be able to use them simultaneously to record one program while we watch another one or record two programs at the same time. Any program that we record will be stored in the format of our choice, the application supports AVI and MPEG.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can be tried out for 21 days and has certain limitations.
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