Chrysalis is the new P2P torrent file client. Chrysalis places a bet on simplicity and allows to easily download any file. Download Chrysalis free

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Chrysalis is a new P2P client developed by the BitTorrent company. With this application, they have the idea in mind of being able to reach the users that have a lower computer technology level, thus Chrysalis is based on simplicity and ease of use. My means a minimalist modern interface, you will have the possibility to download films, music or any other torrent files with a simple couple of clicks.

Alternative to BitTorrent for P2P downloads

Starting to use Chrysalis is very simple. You can search for the files by means of the search box that will open your browser with the Google search engine. Once you have found the file, you can click on the link and it will be added to the Chrysalis download list. This download list can be accessed by means of the My Files button: viewing the files that are being downloaded with the information about their size, speed, and status. Once the download has finished, Chrysalis will allow you to view the files by means of the application of your choice.

Chrysalis allows another way to search and download files. On the front cover it offers contents from different websites and applications like TED, Zulu Music or VODO. By means of these sites, you will be able to download content in a very easy way.

Simplicity, effectiveness, and ease of use. With Chrysalis, the new P2P client, you'll be able to download films, music and many other torrent files.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires Internet Explorer 8.
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