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You might never have used Linux Mint, but you've probably heard about its desktop environment Cinnamon. It's a perfect alternative to GNOME and KDE

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Many users consider Ubuntu as their favorite Linux distribution, but that doesn't mean that its popular GNOME environment is the best we can find. The guys at Linux Mint have worked on the desktop environment Cinnamon that includes all the customization options we could want.

A very customizable desktop environment.

This project stands out for its excellent performance: it works swiftly. On the other hand, it doesn't require the installation of the GNOME desktop to be able to use it, although we'll need to install certain GNOME and GTK libraries.

Main features

There's a wide range of functions that we can make the most of in this alternative desktop environment for your Linux:

  • Advanced user management tools.
  • Windows management improvements.
  • Customization of the events' sound effects.
  • Includes the complete Nemo file explorer.

All in all, if you want to get hold of an alternative environment that works well and that has great customization possibilities, this is the option to be considered.

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