CintaNotes is a small yet powerful program designed to manage reminders. Download CintaNotes free to always have access to your important information

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In day to day work you usually have to write down notes to be able to remember meetings and to take into account that certain actions have to be carried out in the future, and to perform this action nothing better than CintaNotes.

Your notes in order and protected

There are two factors that make CintaNotes an application that is worthy of mention, on the one hand, you have the ease it offers to be able to access all the notes about a specific issue thanks to the use of tags on the notes, and on the other hand, you have the security offered by its backup creation system that no data will be lost.

Manage and take notes, all in one.

Writing down the notes is pretty straightforward, requiring that the user writes a title and a body for each note, including the possibility to add as many tags as he considers relevant, and even offering an area in which the user can write a related web address.

Furthermore, CintaNotes can be used together with Dropbox or SugarSync to synchronize the notes between several computers, so that they are always up-to-date even when working with several computers.

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