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Circuit Diagram is a program for electronic specialists to be able to design printed circuit boards. Download Circuit Design and create your own circuits

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Despite the fact that the vast majority of people can't even understand how they work, no electrical appliance would be able to work without its electronic circuit board.

To be able to design these printed circuit boards (PCB) it is necessary to have the proper tool, as is the case of Circuit Diagram.

Creating is an easy task

Working with Circuit Diagrams is very easy, because by using the mouse it will be possible to carry out almost all the actions necessary to create the circuit boards.

Circuit Diagram includes a full selection of components to create the circuit board schematics, and with a simple click of the mouse it will be possible to add one component after another. And even though at a first glance it may seem that it doesn't have so many components, by using certain submenus it can offer several additional options.

Furthermore, Circuit Diagram stores the data as a graphic file that can be read by a large amount of drawing programs, making it easier for the users to access it.

Download Circuit Diagram to create your own circuit boards.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed.
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