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Citampi Stories is a cute RPG with lovely pixelated aesthetics in which we have to earn our bread and butter and pay off debts while looking for a job

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The protagonist of this game is a kid who has just graduated from high school and has the most irresponsible parents in the world. Not only have they contracted a debt that they cannot pay off, but they decide to sell their son by marrying him to the moneylender's daughter.

However, our protagonist is not in his best moment and decides to get a job and earn money in the town of Citampi to pay off his parents' debt and, in the process, earn a living. And so our adventure begins.

Just... live life

This title developed by the studio Ikan Asin Production is a role-playing game with simulation elements in which we have to earn a living in a quiet village. The first thing we'll have to do is get shelter and find a job.

The mechanics of Citampi Stories is to spend our energy working, but also to improve our levels of strength, sociability and intelligence. The higher our skills, the better jobs (and better pay) we can get.

Except for the most basic ones, all jobs require that we meet certain conditions in order to perform them. For example, we must wear certain clothes or have done other jobs previously.

Your parents are in debt and you only have ten weeks to pay it off!

As the days go by, we will earn money, which we can invest in expanding our home and our wardrobe. We can also look for other more original ways to earn money, such as finding items and fishing in the rivers.

More than friendship

In addition, it will be very important to talk to the neighbors (and buy them gifts) to develop our social skills. In this way, we will be able to meet several single women and improve our relationship to be able to flirt with them, and even get married and start a family. One that does not sell their children, if possible.

There are several endings, which will depend on the decisions you make throughout the story. In addition, during the development of the adventure we will be able to enjoy nods and parodies that will make us smile.

And all this with great pixel art style graphics with a retro feel that's very reminiscent of the first Pokémon titles. Are you ready to discover what the city of Citampi has in store for you?

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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María Eugenia Morón
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