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Citrus Alarm Clock will allow you to have all the alarms that you want on your computer. Download Citus Alarm Clock and wake up listening to music

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Citrus Alarm Clock is an alarm clock that runs on your PC. Since many people have their computer turned on 24 hours a day, it isn't strange to use it as an alarm clock. This includes various positive aspects, the most notable being the possibility to use any MP3 file as a wake-up call.

Put an alarm clock on your PC

Many alarm clocks and radios only allow us to have a single alarm configured, but this isn't a problem with Citrus Alarm Clock, because it is capable of managing as many alarms as you wish. It doesn't matter if you want to set 10 alarm notifications or 100 because they will all be stored ready to be activated, deactivated and used whenever you require them.

Of course, you will also have the possibility to use the snooze button that will allow you to enjoy a few more minutes of rest before finally waking up.

By downloading Citrus Alarm Clock for free, you will be able to configure many alarms and even indicate the days that you want them to go off, being able to choose exactly which day of the week you want each alarm to be active for. This if very useful if you don't have a set timetable and you have to get up at a different time each day.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial period lasts for 30 days.
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