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Clan of Wolf is an animal simulator application where we will become a wolf that will fight to survive one more day in a beautiful and hostile terrain


Epic wolf adventures for smartphones

January 6, 2021
7 / 10

Can you imagine being able to get into an adventure game with lots of missions where the main character is a powerful wolf? Well, that is what this wildlife simulator developed by the Wild Foot Games studio is all about.

Wildlife simulator with RPG elements

Downloading the APK file of this game gives us the option to become a wild wolf that has to survive in the wild. Clan of Wolf is a fantastic 3D wolf simulator where we will have to explore a wide, beautiful, and dangerous territory full of animals, such as deer, foxes, and pumas.

Before starting our game, we will have to choose the name and gender of our wolf. We will also be able to customize its skills and appearance, although that will cost us some coins. The plot takes place in a forest, but other scenarios will be available soon, such as an arctic zone, a desert, or the mountains.

Fight against dangerous animals, search for magical items, and hunt for enemies in this action-adventure simulator.

The mechanics of the game consists of fulfilling different tasks that will be unblocked progressively. For example, we will have to find something or hunt some animal to eat. And all this while keeping an eye on our hunger and thirst meter, since we will have to feed our wolf or look for sources of water to drink whenever it needs it.

Also, it has intuitive controls and only two buttons (jump and attack), offering an interesting and realistic experience. If we are looking for an entertaining wild wolf simulator, we have already found it.

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