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1.0.2 Pop culture's most famous superheroes and warriors have now united to fight in Clash of Warpath, an entertaining Clash of Clans-style strategy game
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If you like Clash of Clans type games and you are looking for a new adventure, you have already found it. Download the APK file of this title and be at the head of an incipient kingdom with an army formed by the fandom's most loved heroes.

Build your base, build your army

Clash of Warpath is a strategy game with tower defense elements and nice 3D graphics very similar to Clash of Clans. The difference is that here your army is formed by some of the most admired superheroes and characters of popular culture, including Son Goku, Ichigo Kurosaki, Storm, Groot, and Superman, among many others.

It integrates the elements of hero cultivation, castle tower defense and alliance confrontation.

The mechanics will undoubtedly be familiar to you. On the one hand, you need to build the base with all kinds of buildings and defensive towers. The goal is to resist enemy attacks.

On the other, during attack phases, you have to deploy your troops in enemy bases to attack them. If you manage to destroy them, you will receive juicy rewards you can invest in improving your heroes or in recruiting the more than 50 characters the game has to offer.

This is not exactly an original title, but it is entertaining and has a very cool technical section. And on top of that, you can play for free.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
This year
128 MB

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