CleanCache is a tool to eliminate temporary files and cookies from a computer. Download CleanCache and carry out a complete cleaning of your computer

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CleanCache will clean your entire computer to work much quicker. Thanks to this you will be able to check the temporary files of your Windows systems, as well as to the configuration, history and other files related to multiple programs, like Internet browsers.

  How CleanCache works is very simple, once launched you'll be able to configure what you want it to clean on your PC, thus, you'll find several tabs:

  - Internet Explorer
- Mozilla
- Firefox
- Opera
- Windows
- Added
- Utilities
- Options

  Once you have configured everything that you want to clean you'll only have to start the scan so that is searches and eliminates all the temporary, configuration and history files.

  How CleanCache works is quick and effective, and the “Status” tab will allow you to know at all times which process the application is running.

  Among the more advanced options of CleanCache we have the possibility to configure automatic cleaning when you start or close Windows sessions or the possibility to add security to the analysis to make sure that you don't remove any important files.
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