Download CleanCenter, clear your hard drive of any obsolete files that are no longer needed and are using up space and make your computer work properly

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Due to the intensive use of our computer, we end up having a whole load of files that are really obsolete and just occupy important space on our hard drive, making our system's performance suffer the effects.

  CleanCenter is a tool that will help us clean our PC of unnecessary and outdated files, that have been left after uninstalling an application, downloading a file from the Internet, copying data between drives or simple due to the work performed on the computer.

  The tool scans our hard drive in search of all those files that are unnecessary and aren't linked to any program, to subsequently offer us the option to mark those results of the search that we want to eliminate, to later remove them once and for all from our system. The application has a very simple interface, but if performs its purpose perfectly.

  If you want your PC to be as quick as it used to be once again, and you also want some more free space on your hard drive, download CleanCenter and improve your computer's performance.
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The trial version has certain limitations.
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