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Cleanup Assistant is pack of tools to clean and improve the functioning of the hard drives. Download Cleanup Assistant and optimize your hard drives

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Cleanup Assistant is a pack of ideal tools to maintain your hard drives clean at all times and without any files that may place your privacy or the capacity of the device in danger. Each of the applications that form part of this pack has a specific function, something that makes it easier to use, as each of the utilities will be related to a specific task.

Programs included

  • Large Folder Finder: That has as the main function to show you the folders that are occupying most space on your hard drive.
  • Duplicate File Finder: That server to find duplicated files in any part of the disc.
  • Trash Cleaner: Utility with which to delete the files from the recycle bin and the temporary files that you have accumulated after browsing over the network.
  • Privacy Protector: Utility with which to delete the files in a way that they are totally unrecoverable.
  • Drive Wiper: It is a development the objective of which is to format a disc, in such a way that all the files that are stored there can never be rescued.

Discover a great collection of applications to maintain a hard drive always in perfect status, thanks to Cleanup Assistant.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has some functions limited.
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