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Cleverbot is a project based on Artificial Intelligence capable of maintaining conversations. With Cleverbot you will believe you are speaking to a human

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The Turing Test was a test designed by Alan Turing in order to find out if a machine is capable of thinking by itself. In general, it is about a human speaking to another human and a machine on the other side of the wall. The human will have to find out who is the human and who is the machine. Well, Cleverbot is based on this idea.

A qualitative leap in the development of AI

Cleverbot is an Artificial Intelligence program with which you will be able to talk at length. It includes a database generated from the answers of people from different countries, and it is capable of detecting the language in which you express yourself. For such reason, you will have to insert text into the space reserved for that purpose and the application will try to keep the conversation going in the direction that you pose.

HAL 9000 from 2001: Space Odyssey is closer to becoming real.


  • Conversational bot based on AI.
  • Conversation capacity extracted from a database with millions of conversations in constant expansion.
  • History of your conversations.

Acknowledged by the scientific community

The creators of Cleverbot have received many awarded that acknowledge the great advance that it involves in terms of AI development. Access Cleverbot and check out the increasing efficiency of machines when it comes to behaving like humans.

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