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If you're one of those people who write everything on the back of your hard so that they don’t forget stuff, Clipboard Manager is just the app you need

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Post-it notes and the like are very useful, but have become a bit outdated in the digital age, where we want to have immediate access to all kinds of information. So, a mobile application which acts as a manager or clipboard for our notes is extremely useful. Clipboard Manager is a very simple, but effective tool. It will give you fast and practically direct access to all of your notes, whether they be the formula for Pythagoras’ theorem or a shopping list.

Clipboard Manager is a simple and useful application for managing your clipboard, keeping records, and being able to access your notes quickly.

Write everything down and have it all with you, wherever you go

This application allows you to write notes with an optional title almost instantly. Don’t let one more idea get away from you. You can create an unlimited number of personalized categories and as many notes as you want. The free version has advertising, but it’s not too annoying. The classification system is quite comfortable, allowing you to search for your notes in the following ways:

  • An order chosen by the user.
  • Ascending dates.
  • Descending dates.
  • Word search.

Reminding ourselves to do stuff or to look up certain information is an important part of keeping on top of our everyday lives. As we go about the day-to-day business, we have constant thoughts and questions that are later forgotten. What’s the date for filing my taxes? How do you say that word in Spanish? It could be anything, and it’s best to keep a log on a quick, efficient app.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3
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