ClipboardCC stores in a folder everything that you copy to the clipboard, both texts as well as images. ClipboardCC also allows to send it via email

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ClipboardCC is a useful application that store all the texts and images that you copy in a folder. The clipboard option makes things a lot easier when you work with a computer. To be able to copy any elements and then paste it somewhere else saves a lot of time. ClipboardCC allows that and a lot more.

  To start off, you have to configure ClipboardCC so that it adjusts to your needs. You will have to choose in which folder you want to save everything that you copy in the clipboard, and indicate it to start to record. Everything that you copy will automatically be stored in the indicated folder. If it is a text, you will be able to choose to store it as TXT, HTML or RTF, and if it is an image you can choose between BMP, GIF, JPEG or PNG. In the case of the images, you will also have the possibility to apply small adjustments to them.

  Clipboard CC will show the latest results that have been copied and the history of everything that you have stored. By means of that history file you will have the possibility to send the files via electronic mail or upload them to an FTP server.

  Don't lose anything that goes through your clipboard. Try ClipboardCC.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version adds a watermark to the images and texts that are stored.
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