Cliplets allows to juxtapose the movement of one object from a video on top of a still. Download Cliplets for free to capture all your special moments

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Many home recordings don't transmit everything you want due to the external elements that affect it, but this can now be solved thanks to Cliplets that will allow you to center the image on the important object.

Separate the important object from the external elements.

The main idea of Cliplets is to juxtapose the movement of an object in a video over a still images from the beginning of the same video. In other words, it separates the object on which the user wants to focus the attention from the other elements that could have distracted the spectator.

A simple method that is easy to apply

How Microsoft Research Cliplets works is relatively simple, because you have to simply take a short video (10 seconds or less) and use a selection pencil to separate the object that has to keep on moving from the rest of the image.

Despite the fact that Microsoft doesn't offer direct support for Cliplets, like any other Microsoft Research project, it does offer a user forum with which it will be possible to search for information and find tutorials to create more advanced projects.

Download Cliplets for free to make the most of your home recordings.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires Windows 7.
  • It also requires Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package

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