ClipTorrent ClipTorrent is a tool that fixes the texts that you copy to the clipboard. Download ClipTorrent and easily carry out the corresponding spell checks
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Correcting a text is always a boring task, and even though many text editing applications include their own spellcheckers, it is always a good idea to have one at hand that can be used for all of them, like ClipTorrent. This program captures any text chain that you copy to the clipboard to correct it immediately.

Clipboard corrector

Its interface is very simple, with two differentiated areas in which we can see the text list that has been corrected with ClipTorrent and a lower area where we will see the text that we have selected in the top part, and where the program will indicate what isn't properly written. Thus, we'll be able to correct it so that it modifies automatically in our clipboard with the correct text.

Once the text is corrected, we can paste it anywhere completely checked and without any spelling mistakes, which is a real advantage.

By default, the program only includes a dictionary in English, but it allows any language to be added by means of the corresponding file without any problems, only indicating where it can be found.

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