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Duplicated files are an inconvenience. Clone Remover is capable of detecting them and eliminating them from the computer. Download Clone Remover for free

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When we move files from their original location, install different versions of the same program, download files from the Internet, use iTunes to listen to music or work with compressed files, we are at risk of ending up with duplicated files.

  Having one or various copies of the same file occupying space on our computer isn't an excessive nuisance, but in the long run these files can occupy an important space on our hard drive, and starting to eliminate them one by one is a really boring task.

  Clone Remover tracks all the drives associated to the PC, in search of duplicated files, with the idea of removing, copying or sending them, depending on what we want to do. The program compares the contents of the files one by one, being capable of detecting if two files with different names are actually identical.

  It's one of the most complete programs of its category, because it can detect duplicated songs by tags, title, artist, album and any other tags.

  It can also search inside compressed files, and fine-tune the searches depending on their location or the kind of file.

  If we want so, it can also offer us the results of the search in a text file so that we can analyze them in detail.

  One of the most complete tools to forget about duplicated files and save hundreds of MB of space on our hard drive.
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The trial version has certain limitations.
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