Clony XXL

If you use Clone CD you need to download Clony XXL for free, capable of analyzing the discs that you want to copy and showing the protection system they use

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Clony XXL is a utility that has been developed to be used together with CloneCD, the popular program for the creation of backups of any CD that has any kind of anti-copy protection.

  The program takes care of analyzing each of the discs that we want to duplicate and show us what kind of anti-piracy each one of them includes, so as to later launch CloneCD and make sure that it is perfectly configured to start burning.

  The interface it uses is very intuitive, despite being somewhat obsolete with regard to its aspect, if compared to other modern tools.

  Obviously the program has been developed to create backups of any original disc without any kind of problem, even though it also includes advice about what to do to make the most of those discs that have been rendered useless after a failed recording.

  Discover the ideal complement for CloneCD, thanks to Clony XXL, a program that will allow you to detect the most frequently used anti-copy systems.
Clony XXL
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