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Saving your files on a USB stick is so old-fashioned. Now the online storage service CloudMe is the perfect solution to save your things on the cloud

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Just like the majority of cloud storage services, CloudMe allows us to save our files online offering us different rates and space depending on whether we're a company or an individual, but it also comes along with a free 3 GB version expandable to 16 GB using different cheats (you'll be rewarded with up to 500 MB per invite) with a limit of 150 MB per uploaded document.

Just like Dropbox, we can use this Swedish service online or by installing the program on our computer or mobile devices, synchronizing on all of them at the same time. Thus, we'll have access to whatever information you wish to look up from the wherever you are. There are three ways of sharing data, all of which have their own features:

  • WebShare: to allow other users and to access and follow the files shared through a link.
  • WebShare+: similarly to the previous method but it also allows the other person to upload his or her own files.
  • Collaborate: exactly like the previous mode but all users can work together on a common folder.

Save and control all your business files.

It can be considered as a decent alternative to CloudForge, with many more possibilities, since several users can edit the same online files on the fly. Files can be shared through email, text message, Facebook, and Google. And to make downloads easier, it integrates WinZip so that we can download several files zipped into a folder.

Advantages and disadvantages of CloudMe

It's definitely not the cheapest cloud storage service available, but it offers us an encryption that provides our uploaded files with an extra layer of security. Its main priority isn't the amount of MB we can store, but our privacy. In this sense, it also allows you to protect your shared files with a password. And that's never a bad idea.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The free account is limited to 3 GB of storage space and 150 MB per file.

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