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How would you like to meet new people in a really fun and original way? Club Cooee offers up a 3D chat with games, parties, and customizable avatars

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Although regular text chats offer us speed and direct, discreet communication, you may be looking for something more. Club Cooee is a 3D community where users from all over the world meet to talk, listen to music together and do various activities through their personalised avatars. If you want to meet new people in an alternative chat, you have found the right app.

Be part of the coolest 3D chat community ever.

Have fun meeting new people

This application is reminiscent of the Habbo social network. In a similar style, both services offer up a complete social network focused on a young audience where we can perform a wide range of activities together with other users.

The first step is to create our character according to our own tastes. Of course, some features are free, but some hairstyles or outfits require payment to be able to use them. Although you will be able to play without spending a penny.

Once you have chosen your 3D avatar, you'll be able to enter the different rooms to interact in different ways with other users. There are quiz shows, discos and different parties, either at the swimming pool or at a campsite. Choose the type of activity you want and select a room in the language you want. Dance, talk and interact with other users and, above all, have fun in this interactive chat. And if that's not enough, you can also have your own pet, take it to events and play with it.

Don't hesitate, get into this interactive adventure right now!

This tool offers a 3D chat with a ton of capabilities, a wide world to explore and a community where you'll meet new people to have a good time. And you'll also be able to do a lot of cool stuff, like become a DJ, design your own clothes, get a lot of achievements, build private rooms decorated by you and customize your avatar, among many other options.

Requirements and additional information:
Laura Stutt
Laura Stutt
cooee GmbH
59.7 MB

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