Download CobView free and you will be able to minutely examine any file on your computer. Obtain all kinds of information about your file with CobView

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CobView is the perfect tool for those times when we need to know the details of a file before sharing it or using it in a project, because normally it is necessary to use an image editor to find out everything about a photograph file, to name just one case. Now with CobView, an extension to the Windows contextual menu, with a single click of the mouse we will be able to see all the important data related to any kind of document.

  The program will analyze the extension on any file and extract the important information from each of them. In a photograph it will show us the size, the bit depth or the resolution, or the length and channels of an audio file.

  Using it is as easy as pressing with the right mouse button on any file stored on our PC and searching for the program option.

  If you are looking for the easiest way to find everything out about any computer file even when working in 64 bit, download and install CobView as soon as possible
Luis Cobian
Over a year ago
Last week
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