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COCOA - COVID-19 Contact App is an application for identifying contacts affected by COVID-19 in order to be able to trace and isolate chains of infection

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In order to fight the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic applications have been developed that help to identify possible infections in order to cut their chain and isolate patients who might have the disease. Among others, we find COCOA - COVID-19 Contact App.

This app has been developed by the Japanese Department of Health, Work, and Welfare and notifies users if they have been in contact with anyone who may have been infected. To do so, both localization and the Bluetooth connection must be turned on.

How does a coronavirus tracing and identification app work?

This kind of application works by anonymously exchanging information through Bluetooth so that each user's app knows which other users have been at least a meter away for at least fifteen minutes. If one of these users reports that they have been diagnosed with coronavirus, the others that have been in contact with this person are immediately notified of possible infection.

This kind of application has become yet another helpful tool for identifying possible cases while guaranteeing privacy. Meanwhile, it also offers orientation on what protective measures to take should you become infected.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 6.0.
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