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CodeCombat is a method to learn how to program framed within the context of a video game. Overcome all the challenges while you program JavaScript code

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Learning how to program can become a boring task, but luckily enough there are projects like CodeCombat. Thanks to this tool we can learn the ins and outs of JavaScript while have a good time playing a game of dungeons.

Just like a kid: learn while you play

It seems as if when we grow older, studying and learning tend to move apart from playing. But not in CodeCombat, a game that combines the Middle Ages and fantasy, in which we have to code to be able to reach specific objectives and move onto the next level. All the latter with an increasing difficulty level in which, as we make progress, the problems to be solved will be more and more complex.

Learn how to code JavaScript in a medieval adventure game.

Completing the game will be your reward

In CodeCombat we don't have to obtain trophies or badges to certify our coding progresses. Completing the game will be enough reward for a learning system that has come to join the wide range of free online methods to learn how to code.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to register for free if you want to save your progress.
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