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You have to have the proper polyphonic tone on your mobile. Download Coding Workshop Polyphonic Wizards and create your own tones with your PCs music

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Coding Workshop Polyphonic Wizard is a software application to create your own polyphonic tones for the mobile. Nowadays, mobiles are highly customizable and they offer you the possibility to configure the applications as well as changing the casing, having a polyphonic tone that is different can be very important.

  If you don't really like the tone that you telephone includes, Coding Workshop Polyphonic Wizard provides an excellent assistant that will manage to transform any audio file into an excellent tone for your mobile. What's more, it is capable of working on any kind of terminal, because it can save the tones in many formats. Of course, real tones are also supported.

  The truth is that even though Coding Workshop Polyphonic Wizard works perfectly with any mobile, its features make it the perfect tool to be able to create customized tones that are relatively old. With the arrival of the MP3 tones this kind of program has been somewhat relegated only to those users that still enjoy with polyphonic tone on their mobile, just like the ones that were used years ago.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version allows to use various programs.
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