Color Sudoku


Color Sudoku takes the ideal from the original Japanese game and it provides it with a change. Download Color Sudoku and obtain hours of entertainment

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Sudoku is an original Japanese game in which you have to place numbers 1 to 9 in a 9x9 grid without any of them coinciding in the same column or line no repeating themselves within the same 3x3 mini grid. Color Sudoku has taken the idea from this ideal game and it has replaces the numbers for colors.

As in other Sudoku games, in Color Sudoku you will have to make sure that none of the blocks repeat themselves in the same line or column, even though this game presents the great visual help that they are colors, something that makes it rather easy.

On the other hand, Color Sudoku offers a reduced version for inexperienced players which only includes a 4x4 grid, in which you will have to drag the color to the corresponding box. In the complete version each time you click on a box in the grid a wheel with all the colors will appear, so that you can change it.

To make things a little bit more difficult for experienced players, Color Sudoku allows you to modify the colors with which you play, in such a way that you will be able to choose colors that are more similar, something that can lead to confusion.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy an original game, download Color Sudoku and try out this new variant of the Japanese game.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
  • The demo version only allows to play each game during 1 minute.

16.6 MB

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