Colorize Your Photos


Colorize Your Photos will allow you to create drawings to color in from photographs. Process the file and leave only the outline with Colorize Your Photos

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The smaller members of the household love to colorize the drawings of their favorite cartoons characters, but now you will be able to prepare any photograph you have, for them to colorize thanks to Colorize Your Photos.

  This small application is an image editor that, once it has finished the processing the file, only leave the outline of the figures that appear in it, so that it makes it simple to fill in the blank spaces with color pencils.

  The program allows us to configure the detail level and the degree of shadow that we want in our image, thus we will be able to adapt any image file to be colorized, from family photographs to cartoon character drawings that we can find over Internet. Once each image is processed it is possible to print it or export it as a PDF.

  Make the smaller members of the household happy by preparing their favorite photographs with Colorize Your Photos, so that they can enjoy themselves later while painting them.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version has limited functions.
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