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Comedy Quest is a crazy game for Android cell phones where you must help a family to do justice by playing pranks on some annoying neighbours of yours

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We all have annoying neighbors, but what can you do? Well, a lot, as this crazy game will show you! Take revenge on some bad people by preparing all kinds of pranks and disgrace.

Create traps, play pranks, take revenge... and don't get caught!

Downloading the Comedy Quest APK file offers you a curious proposal. In this original 3D arcade you will prepare all kinds of traps and pranks to bother some very annoying neighbors that nobody dares to mess with. Until now.

The action takes you to Crankyville, the town where the events take place. To play, you must choose one of the neighbors that you are going to face, although at the beginning there will only be available a vigorous hunk.

Your mission is to explore the scene, collect items, and use them to prepare all kinds of traps to annoy the enemy. For example, change his vitamin supplements for constipation pills or tamper with the treadmill so he ends up on his face on the floor.

Don't try this at home in real life!

Obviously, your neighbor won't exactly be happy after the prank, so you'll have to get out of his way and hide before he catches you. Once you have taught one of the neighbors a lesson, you must do the same with others in various scenarios.

Overall, this is a refreshing title that is full of humor and invites you to have a few laughs while playing practical jokes. The controls can be improved, but it has a good technical section, both visually and in terms of soundtrack.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Just Games LLC
3 months ago
227 MB

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