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ComFusion is a Linux distro that combines Ubuntu with the 3D Compiz Fusion window management system. ComFusion presents an appealing graphical environment

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ComFusion is a Linux distribution in LiveCD format that combines Ubuntu with the 3D Compiz Fusion window management system. The result is a very appealing environment for the user.

An attractive and innovating Linux distribution.

However, ComFusion isn't just a visually attractive distro, but also a collection of applications and settings that will give the final boost to those users who are thinking about switching from Windows to Linux. Furthermore, the format in which it is presented allows us to try it out on any operating system by means of its virtualization without problems.

Some of ComFusion's features

  • Graphical environment based on LXDE.
  • Low use of resources.
  • Synchronization with Android devices.
  • PostinstallerF package manager.
  • Run programs on independent desktops thanks to Compiz Fusion.

Plenty of software without jeopardizing the resources

ComFusion comes along with a huge amount of software, but despite this fact, it doesn't require a powerful computer. Banshee, Thunderbird, Brasero, GIMP or Wine are some of the programs included in the distribution, each version of which includes more and more updates and improvements. Therefore, if you want a stable, efficient Linux operating system, with an appealing design, download ComFusion.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to burn the image onto a disc to run the installation or virtualize it with an appropriate program.
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