Comix Zone

Comix Zone for PC is the version we can play on Windows of the fighting video game released over 20 years ago in which we became part of a comic strip

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Those of us who spent our time in the 90s' playing on our computer were very familiar with Comix Zone. Mainly because any game that belonged to the arcade beat'em up genre deserved our attention. But if it was introduced in such as an avant-garde and original manner, even more.

This game was released for Windows 95 and MS-DOS, as well as the Mega Drive because it was SEGA that brought it out. In fact, it's also thanks to the Japanese company that this title is back in fashion as it has released a series of classic titles, SEGA Forever, for iPhone and also in APK format for Android. Apart from this game, you can also find Altered Beast or Sonic, amongst others.

The return of a classic

Well, since a couple of years ago you can also play this game on your PC without having to resort to abandonware, emulation ROMs or any other funny stories: just purchase it on Steam and that's it.

So, we'll take on the role of Sketch Turner once again, the comic illustrator that is trapped inside his own works and that has to jump from strip to strip to defeat his enemies that are drawn in real-time by his enemy Mortus.

A classic action game developed by SEGA.

The Windows desktop version will take you back to 1995, the year in which the game went on sale, and you'll feel young once again, at least for a while... or you might play it for the very first time and discover what the arcade games from over 20 years looked like.

Here, you'll find kicks, punches, shots, impossible enemies... all in all, plenty of action, and a few cheats and jokes now and again to make it even more entertaining. And of course, you won't need to be online to play: who had an Internet connection back in 1995?

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