CommView will allow you to measure and analyze the traffic of your wireless network. After you download CommView you will know what your Wi-Fi is used for

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If you want to know what a network is used for, whether a wireless network or a LAN, it's necessary to resort to tracking programs (more commonly known as sniffers) that are capable of intercepting and analyzing the information that flows over the network. And in the case of wireless networks, one of the most practical solutions is CommView.

By means of CommView for WiFi you'll be able to carry out the control of all the packages that are sent over your network, as well as testing its security by using the programs powerful WEP and WPA decryption software.

In other words, with CommView you'll be able to access the following information:

  • Nearby Wi-Fi access points.
  • Use the WEP or WPA keys to access the information contained in the packages.
  • Very detailed statistics of all the information transmitted and received.
  • Select alarms to receive notification about suspicious packages, an extreme use of the bandwidth,...
  • The information of multiple channels by means of the use of a connector.
  • Pie charts with protocol percentage use.
  • And much more...

Therefore, if you want to access the information about the use of your Wi-Fi network, all you have to do is download CommView.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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