¡Conjuga! is a tool to learn to conjugate the Spanish verbs properly. Download ¡Conjuga! for free and know the conjugation of all of the Spanish verbs

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Spanish is one of the most important languages in the world and is becoming more and more popular. That is why learning how to use the language properly is so important, and one of the most difficult things for foreigners to learn is to conjugate the verbs. With ¡Conjuga! we will be able to check the 301 most common verbs in Spanish, see how the are conjugated and even have some more options.

  Normally, in Spanish the verbs are divided into three conjugations, the first, that ends -AR, the second that ends -ER and the third ended in -IR. But on many occasions it is difficult to know if we are using them or pronouncing them properly. With ¡Conjuga! we will be able to know how they are written and, due to this, pronounced, because in Spanish you pronounce what you read.

  So you'll no longer have any excuse when it comes to writing the present perfect properly or even more, when it comes to using the subjunctive, because you'll be able to check it easily with ¡Conjuga!. Furthermore, the program itself includes several search engines so as to be able to find the meaning on the Internet, as well as examples that will clarify each verb.

  Learn the Spanish verbs easily thanks to ¡Conjuga!.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have Java installed. The trial version includes a limited number of verbs.
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