Discover everything that your business needs in ContaNet. The management and administration of your company will be a lot simpler if you download ContaNet

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ContaNet is a tool specially designed for the commercial business management that require professional tools. In it you will find everything that this kind of company requires for it to work properly and with the maximum efficiency.

  It has multiple modules that cover the main needs of a business, from the sales process or the organization of the production process to the accounts. Among the features of the software you will be able to find it:

  - It is multi-company and multi-year, that implies that it is capable to manage more than one business and in various fiscal years.
- Control all company accounts.
- Create automatic backup copies.
- Show all kinds of balances: gross, net, profit and lose, General Accounting Plan...
- Implementation of administration document models, both for the Tax Office (Hacienda Pública) as well as the Mercantile/Trade Register (Registro Mercantil).
- It allows to import data from other management programs and export data for the Corporate Tax (Impuesto de Sociedades).
- Export in DBF, CSV and ASCII format.
- It includes OLE to link with other external applications and VBA, dynamic link with Excel.
- It allows to print out.
- You can attach images or PDF documents to the accounts...

  With ContaNet Oro you have everything that is necessary to manage and handle your business. Its many modules cover practically all the functions, so download ContaNet for your company, it will provide you with total control of the accounts.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version only allows to add 200 entries to the account book. This program has been designed for companies based in Spain and that follow Spanish accounting laws.
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