Small yet powerful text editor

June 24, 2010
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ConTEXT is a powerful tool especially aimed at software developers, although, due to how easy it is to use, it can be used by any user. It's a text and source code editor that helps simplifying programming tasks. Furthermore, this application supports a large amount of formats, among which we can highlight: C/C++, Delphi/Pascal, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, SQL, FoxPro and PHP, among many others.

  Some of the most important features of the application are how easy it is to browse through it thanks to the file explorer it includes, its windows system that allow us to open an unlimited amount of files, and the capacity to define keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys). At a visual level, it allows us to change the color of the code to make it easier to differentiate the different language commands.

  With all these features, programing becomes much easier and clearer for the user, thus being able to accomplish better results. Don't miss out on the chance to download this really complete software application.
Leticia Sorivella

My name is Leticia. I really like movies, television, and music. That is why I studied Audiovisual Communication. In the beginning, I wanted to work in movies, but I ended up on television. Then, I went from being behind the cameras to being in...

Antony Peel

Antony Peel